Emily Donohoe | How to Train your Mental Health Monsters
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How to Train Your Mental Health Monsters  is a campaign from Exercise Right that aims to raise awareness of the importance of regular physical activity in maintaining good mental health and preventing and managing mental health conditions.


The campaign personifies these mental health conditions to separate the condition and that a person living with these illnesses. To break the stigma that these conditions are not apart of their personality rather they are living with it.


Using the condition traits for depression (tired, heavy, slow), Anxiety (fast, flighty) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Fear, stress, distrust) visual creatures were created from these characteristics.


How to Train Your Mental Health Monsters provides a glimpse into how these conditions may look, feel, and act and highlights techniques for helping to manage these conditions and break through the common barriers through evidence-based exercise. Resources were created for the exercise practitioners to use such as downloadable PDF posters and social media tiles for members and public alike to share on their news feed and spread the message of the positive impact of exercise and mental health conditions.