Emily Donohoe | Green Beacon Brewing Co Cans
Graphic Design for Green Beacon Brewing Co's Beer Cans and Packaging
Graphic Design, illustration, Print Design, Product Design, Packaging Design, Cans, Emily Donohoe, Brisbane Graphic Designer, Beer, Craft Beer, Green Beacon Brewing Co, Nautical Design
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About This Project

Comprehensive branding for Green Beacon Brewing Co. A local brisbane brewery located in Teneriffe where everything sold and made is sustainably and locally sourced, specialising in craft beer and seafood. The bar is right in front of the impressive equipment used to brew and can the beer allowing customers to see where their drinks are made. This notion of hand made was important to translate into their brands tangible outcomes thus each design has been hand drawn and thoroughly researched to keep Green Beacon’s brand integrity. Displayed are the can designs along with it’s packaging.


Graphic Design, Print Design, Web Design
Beer, brisbane graphic designer, Cans, Craft Beer, emily donohoe, graphic design, Green Beacon Brewing Co, illustration, Nautical Design, Packaging Design, Print Design, Product Design