Emily Donohoe | Exercise Right for Kids
Branding and Mascot Design for Exercise Right for Kids: Helping Children With Chronic Conditions Through Exercise
Graphic design, illustration, character design, agito, exercise right, exercise, chronic conditions, cancer, childhood cancer, juvenile arthritis, childhood obesity, design, emily donohoe, brisbane graphic designer, cartoon, mascot, health mascot, exercise for children
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Exercise Right for Kids has been developed to help inform parents, coaches, teachers, friends and family of children who may be living with, or at risk of, a chronic condition to exercise safely for a healthier life.


Children should not be held back from being physically active because of any condition, disability or injury. In fact, exercise can play an important role in helping them manage their quality of life and help ease or treat their condition. Each condition comes with individual traits and complexities, hence the importance for children to exercise right for who they are.


Agito which is Latin for movement is the little green character designed for Exercise Right for Kids to guide the children through each of their chronic conditions or injuries and to break down the barriers of exercise.  He is a slimline lizard type puppy that can adapt to any situation making him the perfect partner for any child needing a little extra help to get moving. There are many different resources such as books, fact sheets, activity charts, certificates, toys, posters and much more to download that show Agito helping, from cystic fibrosis to heart disease movement can help improve any condition.




The photography above was taken by myself in awareness for Exercise Right for Kids and highlights a young boy with OI whose life has benefited greatly from exercise.