Emily Donohoe | Cineplex
Cineplex, movie, logo, branding, identity, cinema, old time cinema logo, emily donohoe, ticket design, poster design, packaging design, popcorn box design, drink cup design, brisbane graphic designer
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branding, brisbane graphic designer, cinema, Cineplex, drink cup design, emily donohoe, identity, logo, movie, old time cinema logo, Packaging Design, popcorn box design, poster design, ticket design
About This Project

The client needed a consistent identity to improve their business and requested a complete re-brand of Cineplex to ignite new energy within the company and a trendy demeanor. The aim was to create the notion of value rather than simply being cheap and to broaden the target market, in particular customers in the higher earning demographic. A 50’s aesthetic was appropriated to represent the era where there was a change in consumer values, purchasing for pleasure rather then pure necessity while still looking for value. As cinema is a form of entertainment and not a necessity the aesthetic compliments the brand ideology of value and enjoyment. Through the rebrand Cineplex successfully reinforced a sense of good value for the customer with consistent and unique visuals.